A recapitalization allows an owner to attain personal liquidity and continue as an integral part of the management team. In addition, owners retain a significant equity position to participate in the company’s growth and increased value. Many owners use the recapitalization for estate planning purposes and net worth diversification. Furthermore, Shamrock Capital will provide the necessary capital needed to grow companies internally and through acquisitions, without additional capital contributions from the owner(s) or management team.



Shamrock Capital establishes a true partnership with management when acquiring a company. Typically, the management team has a proven track record operating the business, but they do not own the company. Shamrock Capital will provide the funding, deal structuring and strategic planning to assist management with purchasing the company. In addition, management receives a generous ownership stake allowing them to participate in the company upside. 



Shamrock Capital specializes in partnering with outside management to acquire companies. The outside management must demonstrate strong industry knowledge and retain operating experience relevant to that of the acquiring company. Shamrock Capital has the ability to identify and hire management when required. 



Shamrock Capital partners with managers to acquire divisions of large parent companies. Many corporations are divesting profitable divisions. Often these divisions are operated by experienced management teams interested in acquiring the business. In these situations, Shamrock Capital will provide the necessary funding and can quickly and efficiently close the transaction. 



Shamrock Capital understands family operated businesses and can partner with family members to purchase the ownership interest from the senior generation or from outside shareholders.  Selling shareholders achieve personal liquidity to meet estate planning goals and net worth diversification.  Active family operators gain a partner with financial credibility, integrity and the proven capacity to inject additional capital for future growth. The business will remain in the family and preserve its identity in the community.



Shamrock Capital will provide funding to managers to acquire companies within their industry.  Shamrock Capital specializes in strategic acquisitions and will partner with proven managers to consolidate businesses within a fragmented industry. Furthermore, Shamrock Capital will support acquiring strategic assets and important product lines that add value to a company.


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